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The Primary Components of Milk Chocolate

Chocolates are the favorite snack of many consumers regardless of their age and gender. There is a special chocolate for every chocolate lover. It could be white chocolate; dark chocolate; milk chocolate or one with fruits and nuts.

Production elements

Milk chocolate is one of the more popular choices of chocolates among consumers especially children. The young generation that grows up with milk would easily identify and enjoy any type of milk chocolate. Its main component is milk which is healthy to the body especially to enrich the bones.

White chocolate on the other hand is made of cocoa butter and sugar without too much cocoa liquor. Dark chocolates have a stronger taste that is bitter to the palate which certain consumers enjoy that special tinge of the taste buds.

Most chocolates except for milk chocolate contain a certain amount of cocoa liquor. Hence, milk chocolate is most suitable for children as its ingredients are cocoa butter, sugar and milk to give a lighter color with less cocoa liquor.

Cocoa liquor

Cocoa liquor is the primary ingredient in making chocolates with cacao beans finely grounded into a thick paste in a mill through grinding stones. The beans are heated up and grounded to liquor which is cooled down to harden.

Cocoa liquor is very bitter; hence, it is mixed with cocoa butter and sugars to give chocolates a sweet taste. The more cocoa liquor is put into the chocolate, the more bitter the chocolate turns out to be. Hence, milk chocolate does not have too much cocoa liquor. However, cocoa liquor is not the same as cocoa liqueur which is alcohol based.

Cocoa butter

Another important ingredient in milk chocolate is cocoa butter which is the fat extracted from cacao beans using a press. The beans are hung in a warm room to allow the cocoa butter to drip in a “broma process”.

Market offering

For those who like the rich milky taste should consider milk chocolates which can come in many types in the market. These can be in round, square, oval or rectangular shapes in individual wrappers. There are more and more milk chocolates which have special fillings such as fruity flavors, nuts and actual fruit pieces.

Milk chocolate is commonly found in the market as the preferred type of chocolates by consumers. They can be in gift boxes to make a lovely gift on any occasion to any individual, family or group.

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The Many Delights of Handmade Chocolates

Many consumers and gastronomy lovers enjoy handmade and homemade food; chocolates are one of them. Handmade chocolates reflect the fine skills applied into making chocolates which was considered an art. Today, technology has enhanced this art with easier steps although many consumers still prefer 100% handmade chocolates.

Secret recipe

It is not too difficult to make chocolates by hand as it is a matter of skills, dedication and diligence in the art and ingredients. Handmade chocolates assure the consumer of the care placed into the making process; usually only chocolate lovers would want to create handmade chocolates for others’ consumption.

Good effort is put into sourcing the best of ingredients; this refers to freshness and suitability of every type of ingredient used and the effectiveness of the tools and equipment involved in making great handmade chocolates. Handmade chocolates are very much like homemade recipes where every care is applied to produce the best outcome.

Handmade chocolates enjoy the fine skills in the baking and molding process to produce the perfect chocolate in appearance and taste. It is different from modern day chocolates made by machines and high technology.


Handmade chocolates call for the well developed craftsmanship of their makers. There is usually no preservative or additive included as one craft the chocolate piece into the desired shape and form. Some may use molds while other artisans would skillfully shape each piece by hand into the exact shape and size.

Such craftsmanship of handmade chocolate artisans allow unique and special chocolate shapes to be molded to delight consumers. Hence, one can find a lot of Easter egg chocolates to celebrate Easter and cartoon character chocolates to make any child happy. Handmade chocolates do not last as long as factory produced chocolates which have preservatives. Hence, handmade chocolates should be enjoyed quickly when received to appreciate its quality and richness.

There is a myriad of branded handmade chocolates. These can be locally produced or international names from Switzerland, Belgium or England which produces a lot of high quality handmade chocolates. These can be found in dark chocolates, milk or white chocolates. Handmade chocolates can be custom made in bulk orders for special requests.

Many smaller chocolate bakeries perform demonstrations on the handmade chocolate process to educate and delight the public. They may produce excellent handmade chocolates without hitting the international market as they produce to serve the local public. Handmade chocolates take a longer time to make than machine based chocolates.

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